How to work from home – Business edition

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For some people, working at home during Covid-19 is really difficult especially for those who are used to work in the regular office setting. As much as we want out of the house, we need to play our part and stay at home to make sure that the virus won’t spread any further.

For business owners – SMEs, startups and even drop ship agents, they are worried that if the situation is prolonged, it will (or maybe already) affected the business in the long run. So, what do you have to do if you have to run your business from home?

  1. Reorganize the work station and stay away from the bed – This may sound cliche but it will definitely affect your productivity (You’ll thank me later). Do a little bit of spring cleaning as part of your exercise routine and arrange your work station as you wish.
  2. Identify your productive period to work – If you are used to working from home, then it should be no problem. For those who currently readjusting to work from home, this is your most crucial point. Certain companies allow their staff to work anytime but if you need to follow your BAUs, adjust your time accordingly to make sure that you can deliver your work. Adjust your day as you would normally.
  3. Eat according to the schedule, do not empty the fridge at once – The food in the fridges might look so tempting at all times or maybe, you just bored staying in the house and you just want to munch. Remember, maintain a healthy lifestyle and a nutritious diet. 
  4. Business documentation and restrategize business The business strategy might not be the same anymore after Covid-19. Whatever that has been planned before might not be relevant anymore. Sit down, discuss with your business partner(s) and your team on how to strengthen the business after the restriction movements order (RMO). This can be done by using tools like Skype, Zoom, Google Hangouts, WhatsApp, Facebook Workplace, Trello and Slack.
  5. Update your website – Usually, we are too focused on our daily operations and have no time to update the website or maybe to start one. This is the right time because you don’t have to meet face to face to do this exercise. This can be done via video conference and you have digitalized your sales online with minimal effort. *We have an offer to help your business during this RMO. 
  6. Be positive and keep your mind sane – During this challenging period, some of us might be facing a difficult time and it is important to maintain mental health during this period. For an extrovert, you might find it very hard to just stay at home. Talk to your family and friends regularly. This might be the best time to reconnect with them.

Remember, we are in this together. 






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