Top 5 Malaysian Online Shopping Websites 2019

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The internet makes doing business much easier and faster. It’s led to changes in the way people do business with a rapidly growing worldwide trend towards online shopping or e-commerce.

Online shopping continues to grow in popularity especially in Malaysia, but which retail websites are consumers visiting the most?

  1. Shopee
  2. Lazada
  4. Lelong
  5. 11Street


Shopee gain more traffic compare to last year & beat Lazada. Shopee becomes the best choice for the shopper to get a cheaper item. Most of the small retailer choose shopee because they have lower fee compare to other marketplaces.

Alexa Malaysia Rank #10


Lazada still the best marketplace for shoppers if you want to get the premium item with authorize dealer.

Alexa Malaysia Rank #11


Mudah doest offer payment gateway on their marketplace. However, still become a prefered choice for a shopper to get a preloved item.

Alexa Malaysia Rank #15

4. has changed a lot since eBay era. They change their business model from bidding to the marketplace method. And its work! Shopper keeps going to their marketplace to get the latest deal especially on electronic.

Alexa Malaysia Rank #150


Shooper keeps visiting to 11street to get the latest deal, especially on formula milk. Yup, mommy will love it.

Alexa Malaysia Rank #395

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